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      We want to change our guttters and downspouts to something other than wood. Love to hear the pros and cons of other materials. Thanks

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      Wood is period correct and needed in historic preservation districts but if you are not in such a district then plastic/vinyl or seamless aluminum are good options.

      Plastic/vinyl don’t dent and don’t weather quickly. The color is through and through so scratches and nicks aren’t as noticeable. However they can crack when cold and sag slightly in 100 degree heat. They also expand and contract depending on the temperatures so they have to be mounted properly to allow them to slide a little. There are limited colors available.

      Seamless aluminum is normally painted with a very tough baked on finish but they bend, dent, and scratches and nicks will show the shiny metal. They also expand and contract with temperatures but not as much as plastic/vinyl, so they also have to be mounted to allow movement. There are generally more color choices for these gutters as the paint is fairly inexpensive.

      The cost of either is determined by your market but neither is as costly for installation or maintenance as wood gutters. I would suggest going to as large a gutter and downspout as they can put up. Going oversized on them is not a bad thing. 3″ by 4″ gutters are generally too small for heavy rain. Go to 4″ by 5″ if you don’t mind the look. If the gutters and downspouts are matched to your basic house color they won’t be as noticeable.

      The choice is yours. You have to balance the cost with your needs and find one that fits.

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