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      Help – I’ve got more than haze left on my tiles. How can I get the grout and haze off? A grout haze remover is simply not working.

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      began removing haze and grout about 20 minutes after application. But now, I would use light steel wool and a good cleaner. Not real sure at this point.

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      Jay J -Moderator

      Hi jb,

      I haven’t hear anything ‘new’ about ‘fixing’ this problem in about 5 years. So in the meantime, ‘they’ may have come up w/a solution. Based on my current knowledge, you’re out of luck.

      HOWEVER, today, there may be an acid, or etch, that you can buy to remove the excess grout and haze. I’d visit a local Plumbing Supply Company (found in the YELLOW PAGES under PLUMBING -SUPPLIES) for guidance. Be prepared for toxic fumes and the need for gloves and so on!

      I wish you well. My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J -Moderator

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      B. Mader

      Request info on removing grout from textured unglazed tile in the most effective, natural method. Lots of grout was not removed by installed. What about a buffing machine?

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      I used a white grout with my tiles.The prolem is that it is very hard to keep clean & it has turn biege is some places. I would like to remove the grout & replace it using a gray colored grout using the same tiles. Why can I do this ot is it possible?

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