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      Dear *** ****….This has nothing to do with asking you a question on “how to”, but rather just a funny story about my grandson, Timothy. My husband has been teaching our 4 year old grandson different things about building. He teaches him names of tools and then how to use them and to always put them back. Timothy loves to watch your show because it reinforces things he has learn. Well, the other day while I was driving my grandson to town, he has this play phone and he can make it ring….he did just that and started “talking” to a person on the other end…it was a great conversation and I finally asked…”who are you talking to?”…and he promptly replied….”Well, grandma, I’m talking to….*** ****! and he was asking me if I had a ball-pien (spelling) hammer”…Well, that gave me a good laugh and I just wanted to share that with you. Since then, I have listened more carefully to his conversations on this phone and it appears that he “talks” to you quite often! Of course, grandma and grandpa think your pretty great ourselves! Keep the faith. “Grandma”

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