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      Andrew Blair

      Recently installed drain tile around house,
      in the process I ended up killing the ivy that was growing
      up the brick wall. (never did like the ivy anyway.)
      Dead ivy is still attached to wall,
      afraid to power wash for fear of dislodging mortor and having to repoint.
      Is there an easy way to get the old dead Ivy off of the wall
      without damaging bricks?

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      Bruce M

      Hi Andrew
      You don’t mention how high up the ivy had run, but I would use a hoe or flat blade garden scraper. Wetting down the wall first with a garden sprayer with tide water in the sprayer bottle should make this job much easier, as it will help dissolve the adhesive the ivy emitted onto the brick to hold itself up there. But however you do it, it’ll be a slow process.

      Hope this helps

      Bruce M

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