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      I noticed earlier this morning that our gas water heater was making a hissing sound. Like there is water leaking. It sounds like its coming from the top, where the waterline comes in from the wall and hooks onto the water heater. We tried turning the knob to cut off the water, but it still makes the hissing sound. Pretty sure its not gas, don’t smell anything.

      Not sure if this might have something to do with it. Yesterday DH had to turn off the water to the house at the street to repair the leaking water facuet outside. Which it has been dripping for a long,long time, which steadily got worse. Anyway, that problem has been fixed. So the water heather didn’t make this hiss early this morning. Any idea what this could mean.

      The water heater is approx 6 yrs old and is a Bradford White model # MI40T6EN12


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      Is it making the noise all the time whether you open a tap or not? Does it make the noise when you open a tap? Was the shutoff valve opened all the way after being closed? Is the pressure relief valve drain line end attached to a drain instead of being left some inches from the floor so you can’t tell whether the relief valve is leaking by? FREE heat/cool right-sizing

      Yes, you really have to find out the MAKE and MODEL to get good answers. There IS more than one machine made.

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      * A pocket of air could have been in the heater. When the water was cutoff and the water valve replaced the air pocket could have been eliminated.
      * Good luck… Adios… Jasper…

      Jasper Castillo

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