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      Our garage door stopped working yesterday. The motor hums when you hit the button, but the door does not lift or close. It is a Liftmaster chain driven door. The chain seems to be on track but does not move. Can someone tell me what I need to check before I can a repairman?

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      I live in a condo thats on the beach ad the sliding doors 8′ footers that need plenty of care and maintanance. I was wondering what trye of white Putty they use when they cover the countersunk holes of the mounting screws.I looks like a putty the you form and then it dries. Does anyone have a name for this stuff or any ideas?

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      First thing you do when the opener does this is unlatch the drive from the door(emergency handle). Now operate the door by hand. It should move freely, not bind and be counterbalanced. If these two items are bad the opener will never work right. Besides now you can get the car out while you fix the opener.

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      I had similar situation with mine, although it was a different make you may find it has the same falure mine did. My gears stripped and it was very easy to repair. All I had to do was to pull cover off the motor and replace a couple gears. The cover came off with a couple screws and the gears were held in place with snap rings. Make sure to unplug at power source before attemting to repair. Good luck. Doug

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      common problem, needs new gear and sprocket 🙂

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