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      I’m purchasing my first home in Michigan it is a story and a 1/2 cape cod, it has two bedrooms upstairs with a shed dormer in the back of the house which accommodates a full bath. I wish it had gable dormers in the front, I really like the look of the dormers. I have recently read they have something called “faux gable dormers”, is there contractors that will do this work? I am a nurse and not that great with a hammer. I really would like the real thing, but I’m thinking it may be too expensive? Seen one site said $22,000 and another said $2,000..(not including windows)???? I’m thinking the $22,000 was maybe for a hole room addition dormer? I could afford 2 dormers if they were around the 2nd price. Mainly want the dormers for their looks, but would appreciate the extra light and ventilation the real domers could bring if it would be in my budget. Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me..

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      Please, you are in Michigan. People are begging for jobs. If you are spending money on your house call a licensed contractor local to you and get an estimate for building a dormer. Building a REAL dormer into an existing roof is a challenging project, but one that can probably be done very competitively right now. Looking for a package on the internet is a complete waste of time. Call a carpenter, and you will end up with living space instead of something tacked onto your roof. Matching interior finish is what will take the most time and money. If you are flexible enough to use something like a window box, you will significantly cut costs, and can always go back and put in finish floors and trip.

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