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      doug seibert

      Well we’re boarded up and stocked up in Orlando…..Generator and Gasoline……The house is full with my coastal family……….We’ll ride out the storm in my 1920’s era bungalow……

      HANDYMAN Greg still has his neighbor’s tree in his backyard……I estimate it must weigh in at 30 tons…..suspended about 8′ high across the fence……….

      The weather at the moment (and all day Today) is incredibly beautiful…….the air is scrubbed clean… and sunny……the Calm before the Storm……..

      My neighborhood is half desserted……some families with children boarded-up and left town for a hotel stay in Georgia or parts unknown……..

      The Long preperation time has left an eerie anticipation for the storm to arrive……Gasoline in short supply during the evacuation has been replenished inland……Food and Ice appear to be widely available…….

      Plywood and lumber in general has been in short supply but available with effort……I saw someone using 5/4 deck boards installed full length over the windows……They’ll make a nice addition in the backyard after the storm……And Backerboard on storefronts

      Real “Sandbags” have disappeared………..creatively replaced with bags of Topsoil from the garden center…….

      Despite the herculean effort to remove the tree damage from Charley……..Maybe half of the debris still remains……….and You can’t find a BIG tarp for sale anywhere in Florida !……..

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      Hey Doug,

      As with my offer of the generator, we have lumber size tarps that we use for hauling the drywall and plywood…You can borrow them if you want to come get them… 🙂

      Hope you will be safe and you all will be in my prayers. I sympathize with you as I am still continuing to clean water out of my basement. Hasn’t seen a dry day in around two weeks.

      Take care

      Moderator – Construction Project Blog

      Some have better luck next time around,
      some don’t, and some don’t even try.

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      The storm has weakend to 105 MPH at last report. Still plenty strong to do a lot of damage, and the size is incredible. Hurricane winds extend 110 miles from the core. This is going to cover a lot of area. Yesterday, Florida requested assistance from states as far away as California to help after the storm passes. Our Office of Emergency Services will be responding.

      With the wake-up call from Charley, Florida is well prepared, but debris from previous storms could pose a hazard in the current one. At least we can count on moderator doug for updates if the phone lines hold out. Here in California, hot dry weather has led to perfect storm conditions for fire. Stay tuned. Today, high winds and fires resulted in visibility less than 3-miles with all the smoke and dust in the air. A lovely brown color to the horizon and foothills. So, lets see, given the choice of rain and wind or fire and wind…..Its a sure bet we won’t see rain till October.

      Good luck doug, and thanks for keeping us posted. Plenty of tarps out here if you need any, we can send a parcel specially for you. My guess is that a lot of tarps installed after Charley are going to be flying this weekend.

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