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      I am looking to reside the house this year. I would like to add sheet insulation and tyvek house wrap. in which order should they be installed, or do i need the tyvek with the foam insulation

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      Are you going with the new Smart Board type siding??? Cause you should it resists rot/mold/and anything that wants to eat it. Never ever go with masonite, it will rot. If your going to tear off down to the stud then chose a good 3/4″-1′ foam board. Tape all seams with a good duct tape, no need to buy that high dollar Tyvek tape. Apply that first, then wrap with Tyvek make sure you wrap around corners at least 1′-3′,tape well, then apply siding.

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      DO NOT use both, use 3/4 in. Dow type form board is best DO NOT tape the seams. If you use a Tyvek at this point you will trap moisture in the walls, and then all types of bad things start happening.

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