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      I usually post answers and suggestions, but this time the question is mine. I understand that it is acceptable to place two circuits on one breaker (assuming the load is within limits) by pig-tailing as opposed to placing two cables under the breaker terminal. However, can the same thing (pig-tailing) be done with the neutrals or grounds, when the buss bar is full and a new circuit is being added?

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      because you are allowed to put more than one wire in those holes that have those set screws where the neutrals and grounds are.

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      Note that SOME breakers allow 2 wire. But they are SPECIALLY SO MARKED. SQ QO and Homeline breakers can. And I think the Cutler Hammer CH and BR series are also.

      Look on the side of the breaker they will be marked (molded in) with the size of the wire and if will accept 2.

      For a long time code has only allowed one neutral per whole. Apparently the intent was only allow not have anyother wire in a hole with a neutral. So in the past it was common to have a ground with a neutral in one hole.

      The code has not made it clear. If you have a neutral in hole then ONLY THAT ONE WIRE.

      For the grounds you can only put in the number of size of wires that the panel label specifies. Some do allow 2 wires in the smaller sizes (14-10).

      Code allows splicing in a panel. I don’t have the wording, but basic if you have space. But figuring how much free space you have with all of those wires is not clear.

      Some AHJ absolutely prohibit it even when it is clear that is space.

      But on the other hand it is common practice when on panel changes.

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