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      I have a problem with two electrical outlets. They have 120 volts from the hot side across to the metal box but no voltage from hot to nuetral. This is an older home and work was done by an amateur with 2 wires and grounded metal flex conduit. I am guessing a unconnected neutral wire? any ideas how to correct this?

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      since your hot is still live.

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      * Put your voltmeter the failing outlet to measure the voltage.
      * Trip your Circuit Breakers until you find the one that supplys the voltage to that circuit.
      * Check the voltage on all other outlets to find the ones that don’t have 120 volts at this time.
      * You should now have all the outlets that are on that Circuit Breaker.
      * As you said, you have an open Neutral (white) wire going to the two failing outlets
      * At the outlet, that is closest to the two failing breakers, check the white wire that leaves the working outlet for being loose.
      * If it’s ok, check the white wire on all the outlets. Tighten all of them.
      *Good luck… Adios… Jasper…

      Jasper Castillo

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