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      My water heater broke and flooded the dirt floor basement with about 1″ of clean water. The water has since seeped through, leaving just the mud. What is the best cleanup method for this?

      An emergency services company came by and quoted $1,600 for the approx 175 square foot area, with half of that cost being the drying equipment left onsite for three days. Is this really necessary, and if so is there a lower cost alternative?


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      ducted down to the basement. You can beg or borrow or buy a whole lot of fans for that kind of money!

      What you need is airflow and maybe some warmth, but not all that much. Not knowing how your wet area is laid out I can only offer general hints.

      Open all doors, windows, vents. Rent a big ‘barn fan’ and place where it either blows air into the room or out of the room, just so you get a good wind through the wet basement. If you call around, a kerosene or LP powered salamander heater could be rented fairly cheaply to be used to warm the basement to speed up the drying process.

      With a dirt floor I don’t see the need for a rapid drying job. If it takes a few days to return to dirt I can’t see much harm being done. The fans alone should dry the basement out in a few days. With the heater maybe a day or so. Just having every door and window open would get the job done in a few extra days at no cost.

      Check out the equipment rental section of the phone book, there is someone in your area that will rent you what you need for maybe $200, not $1600.

      Good luck on the dry out!

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      the rest is sure to follow,,, patience, grasshopper – patience 😉

      if you’re in a hurry, wire bruno & me 1/2 now – we’ll pack & be on our way in the am
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