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      I’ve owned my own home for 6 days. The kitchen was completely trashed. It’s a 1896 Cross Gabled Arts & Crafts with solid oak everywhere but the kitchen looked horrible. I’m an almost gourmet cook and I need a good kitchen for all my fancy appliances. We hit the local Habitat for Humanity Resale shop for lights, doors, and other bits and pieces. They also had a complete oak kitchen there. 8 solid oak base cabinets from 18″ to 4′. 10 upper cabinets including an upper with a microwave mount. 30+ running feet of laminate counter tops (OK for now) but including a double cast iron sink and a Moen high rise touch sensor faucet and a garbage disposal. Pantry unit. China hutch and display case. Corner cabinets upper and lower with pull out lazy susan shelves. The doors are solid oak. The face frames are solid oak. The walls are oak plywood. A couple of cabinets need minor repairs to the framing due to a rough tear out.

      Total cost, including delivery? $1775. I couldn’t buy the wood to make them for that!

      The whole salvaged kitchen is going to make a huge improvement in the house and add at least $10,000 to the value. All for less than $2,000 and some labor. It’s better than filling the landfill with it, that’s for sure! And it’s helping a very good cause.

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      Thanks for sharing this! In Seattle there is a store called Second Use that is also a good source for inexpensive building materials.

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      is saving $$$ since its only human nature to care for ourselves & loved ones 1st,,, the success of ebay’s proof of this,,, i believe in it but, when mandated by govt, it usually adds to our daily workload,,, newspapers ( B&W ) in 1 container, clear glass, color’d glass, & plastic all req separate containers is most areas,,, add in the cost of the 2nd ( or more ) trk pickups, facility costs, employee costs, & advertising leads 1 to believe recycling’s not cheap !

      why would a govt mandate no smoking in private restaurants – don’t we still think people know enough NOT to visit those who’d still allow it ? is there a constitutional right to ‘ smoke-free ‘ dining somewhere ?
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      filled with rotting 2×4′, dirty rusty toliets, and basic construction trash. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      A large portion of our local shop is filled with brand new overstock and quality things like 100 year old solid oak, maple, or birch floors and trim wood. I bought beautiful, solid brass, beveled glass lights for the front and side porches for less than $20 each. I found them listed for $60.

      Yes, they also have a lot of ‘gently used’ stoves, HVAC units, cabinets, toilets, sinks, and tubs. Plus tools and thousands of parts like hinges and cabinet hardware. The stock changes almost daily, so it’s worth stopping by just to window shop. I priced out the oak cabinets I bought and, ignoring the two custom cabinets, they originally went for about $12,000 plus installation. I figure I got a very good deal on a lot of very nice oak.

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