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      I am trying to get information about Surface Bonding Cement. I have been told that it is possible to stack cement blocks with no mortar in between the blocks and trowel on this cement to build walls.

      I was once told that masonry cement was not used to hold blocks together, but to hold them apart. That if they were dry-stacked they would crack. That makes some sense. I have laid quit a bit of rock, some brick and block.

      The garage is 33′ x 24′ x 10′ tall. I plan to use cultured stone on the front of the garage and a stucco finish on the rest. It seems like surface bonding cement would work very well. Where I am putting the stone, I would just bond it into the cement as I went.

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      do a google on Dry Stack Concrete Block

      IIRC ordianry concrete blocks are not precise enough. but I might be wrong on that.

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