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      So, I resurrected a fountain at my house that has not worked since 3 homeowners ago, so I’m told. I bought a new pump, sealed the cracks, AND THEN… I realized that there is a huge hole that was cast into the bottom of the bowl for the pump wire to go through. Great…except that all the water runs out through this hole. Was there a plug there originally? I tried to use that expanding foam stuff which worked for a few days, then failed. I’ve looked in fountain supply departments and on the internet, but haven’t seen any type of plug for a concrete fountain.

      Any ideas?

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      If you can’t stop the water, just catch it and pump it out.

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      I currently have a 4 piece concrete fountain (you know, one that has a chubby woman on top holding a basket where the water comes out) The only time I had water not coming straight up and into her basket was when the pump hose was kinked so flow was restricted. My homespun (I am famous for this) hunch is that you have an obstruction to the flow somehow. Run a coathanger or something down where the water is supposed to come out. Maybe a marble got stuck inside the fountain?
      Not being able to see the fountain makes diagnosis difficult, but it sure seems like a flow issue, not a plug issue.

      Happy Flowing!

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