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      Bob, I have been pouring concrete tops for a while here in Texas, and all of my customers love them. I wanted to encourage everyone to look at these tops as another option when choosing new tops. I also encourage people to try pouring their own tops, it is a little bit of knowledge and a lot of work. these tops are beautiful and very rugged. Thanks for the forum. Art

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      Kelda L.

      I once saw a ‘blip’ on these concrete counter tops and assume they must be fairly new as I can’t find any other information on them. It would be greatly appreciated if you could refer me to any websites, companies, etc that make the concrete counter tops. Are they expensive? Thank you.

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      i’d love to get more info on installing pigmented concrete countertops, d-i-myself! also, i want to remove my bathtub, build a curb, and install a pigmented concrete shower base…can i pour the final concrete right over the shower pan membrane (which of course will be over a sloped concrete base)? how thick (w/reinforcing 6×6 wire)?

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      Steven Olds Ceramic Tile Marble

      I would like any info. on concrete countortops
      i could get ,as i would like to add them to my
      line of installs THANKS!

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      Olds Ceramic Tile

      Please any Info. I can get on the installation
      of concrete countortops would be helpfull.THANKS

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      Kurt Miller

      I am very interested in a concrete counter top for my kitchen remodel. Problem is that I live in Massachusetts and need a contractor there. Any ideas for me? Thanks in advance.

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      Hello, my name is Rodrigo, and I was wondering how hard is it to build this kind of counter top by myself. I live on the east side of U.S. and I have never heard of anyone here doing this, but it sounds very interesting. Please write me back, I would really appreciate it, thanks.

      Rodrigo Olivares

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      i would like some information on pouring my own coutertops…how to finish them…do i have to add anything to the concrete…any information would be very helpful…thank you justme wynn

      justme wynn

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