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      i am trying to cut lattice( with a circular saw ) to surround the bottom of my deck. i have no work space area and each time i try to cut the lattice to size, the side with no support bends/tilts, etc. and my cut is far from perfect. any tips on how i can cut lattice/thin wood without the bending/splitting ?? thanks for any help.

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      Hi Nixon, one option would be to simply lay the lattice flat on the ground (dirt/grass) and make your cuts. The minimal amount of dirt, etc. that your saw’s blade will pick up won’t hurt it any (as long as it’s not rocky ground). Now if you had a helper, then he/she could help support the part being cutoff so that it would be easier for you.

      Hope this helps,


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      Clamp/Screw a 1×4 board onto the lattice. Adjust it so that your saw cuts the lattice at the exact width that you want. As you’re cutting keep pressure on the saw to make it ride against the guide. This will make a straight line and keep the saw from wandering. If you have two saw horses put the lattice on top. If you don’t use a couple of 2×4’s to keep the lattice off the ground. Adjust the saw depth so that it doesn’t hit the ground.. Adios… Jasper.

      Jasper Castillo

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