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      I have a garage that was built lower than my back yard. I have about a 1 ft cement grade beam at the front of the garage, where the back of the garage is level with the back alley.
      I have moisture on this cement and anything left against gets wet over time. Normally i keep a set of lower cupboards against it and it is making the back of cupboard soggy. Is there some way to seal this grade beam from the inside so this moisture does not come thru? Of course the outside of it is underground.

      Thanks for your help! Canada

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      Greetings Binskee,

      I have used a product called Drylok for many years and it would be good for your application in my view. It can be used in interior/exterior applications and waterproofs concrete up to 22 feet under ground. You will need to clean the surface being waterproofed thoroughly, apply at a temperature above 50F, and recoat after the first coat has dried (typically 3 hours or more).

      It comes in white and gray and is available at stores like Home Depot, and Ace hardware.

      Hope that helps and best of luck!

      Please note all thoughts posted are my own.

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      Thanks so much. I will give that a try in the spring then:) So it is ok if i am only able to apply it inside my garage…as i mentioned the cement outside is already underground.

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      as we must guarantee our work altho we have painted in on for some who sign specific exclusion contracts – they’re usually selling their homes & don’t want to fix the problem – just cover it & sell.

      realize this post is made as a moderator so can’t/wouldn’t disagree the other poster has had success altho, if i had to bet, i’d come down on the side he works for them.

      we excavate the exterior & waterproof w/trowelable fiber-reinforced asphalt cement,,, protect that layer w/miradrain,,, install a catch drain pipe to redirect seeping water,,, enjoy dry interior.

      a general rule of thumb is NEVER apply ANY waterproofing/cementitious product on the negative side of water issues,,, so what it it stops it on the visible surface ? the water’s still there – you just can’t SEE it so you’re ignorant of what damage is occurring !

      decorative concrete artisan
      concrete repairs

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      in my opinion any water infiltration issues (whenever possible) should be delt with from the outside first.

      reason being you want to get to the root of the problem as opposed to just dealing with the results of it.

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