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      Hi Bob! this sure is a great forum,
      thanks for providing a vehicle like this
      where folks like us have a chance to interact with you.
      Bob, we watch your show all the time and
      enjoy the diversity you’ve been able to weave
      from New England thru Santa Barbara to Hawaii!
      My wife and I have been approved for several varieties
      of mortgage’s from Construction loans to standard mortgage’s
      to non-conforming, depending on what we do.
      Bob, Our heads our swimming. We’ve been concentrating
      on possibly building a new home and are overwhelmed
      with all the financial ramifications like
      construction loans, land contract for the property,
      home equity loans to acquire the property etc.,
      finding a builder and architect. Does it get
      any more complicated? then we thought what about
      a manufactured home similar to the one you featured
      with the exposed beams, rich woods etc.
      Would that save us time or money? Do you have any
      suggestions to help us through this enindating
      process. We’ve only purchased a home before, this
      is all new to us! Thanks in advance for any
      light you can shed. Also can you provide the
      name of that hme manufacturer the Teachers used?

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