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      Help! Behr stain we used has ruined our deck. Several places are discolored and others are flaking off. We want to paint over this mess. Is there so way we can do this without having to strip the deck first?

      Thumbs down to Behr! When we called (several times)customer service, to make a LONG story short, we were told sorry it’s your problem! So much for customer service.
      Never use Behr,

      Monica Dyke

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      Hi Monica,
      Your deck isn’t ruined…just the stain releasing from the wood.
      Some questions 1st though…
      * How high off the ground is your deck?
      * What species of wood?
      * How old is it?
      * How has it been cleaned b4?
      * What stains have been used b4?

      The easiest way (believe it or not…) to change stains is to sand off existing stain.
      * Rent a vibrating-plate sander, usually a 12″ x 18″ sanding-plate on the bottom.
      * You have to buy a couple of sanding backer-pads & the actual sanding-sheets.
      * Use 80-grit sheets.

      Lemme know the info. asked above.


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      behr’s an old & well-respected name,,, slamming them ( or anyone else of their stature ) is inexcuseable if/when the problem was/is improper prep/product selection/poor application,,, obviously there is a possibility you bought 1 can out of 5,000,000 that went bad on the shelf ’cause it was dropped on the floor, etc,,, you shouldda noticed that if it were the case.

      in theory, there’s no difference ‘tween theory & practice,,, in practice, there is !

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      Behr has become the worst in the industry.

      I have been a contractor for a long while and I often get requests for the longest warranty. Recently but primarily, this year after their April reformulation, I have received more complaints from clients about use of their product than all other previous years combined.

      After contacting Behr, on several clients behalf in order to address the issue, I was repeatedly told I must have done something wrong. Funny how all of the other exterior projects and decks that I have done in the last 18 months have been extremely happy with the the application of products other than Behr.

      Simply put, use anything other than Bher, even a less expensive brand. It just makes better sense.

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