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      L. Zanowic

      My 1 yr old house has a grading prob which can’t b e fixed. and it is causing water buildup at the basement windows which are leaking. I have put in the plastic bubble covers on the outside and then sprayed “great stuff” on the inside where the window meets the sill. This stopped a great deal of the water which originally poured in. Now only 2 of 5 windows are dribbling water in. (some is actually coming in underneath the metal sill. What can you suggest to stop the rest of the leak that is there? (Don’t care about ever opening the windows!) Thanks!!!!

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      Bruce M

      Hi L:
      A grading problem that CAN’T BE FIXED??!! And on a house one year old!!! Whew…… this sounds ungood.

      I can’t imagine what grading problem on new construction can’t be fixed. My first house, a 1906 Victorian, had the surrounding grade gradually rise until the house acutally sat in a depression. Now this is what you would call a tough fix…..I wound up jacking up the entire house and extending the concrete foundation up about 16″…..but certainly not a ‘can’t fix’

      You must fix your grading problem. Fighting the natural flow of water is one of life’s greater challanges, and one I don’t recommend.

      Perhaps if you can explain your grading problem some possible fixes might be available. 🙂

      Take care

      Bruce M

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      the warm floor center

      talk to the builder or the landscape contractor
      to see if they can install tile in the window
      wells. who graded the yard? have you talked with
      them? what do they say about the problem? the house
      i have now had water in the living room and the
      basement with every rain. to fix it i had two
      tandem loads of dirt spread and no more water. if
      you can raise the wells or add a section to,then
      add more dirt to grade away from the house.

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