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      I think I put the cart in front of the horse. I needed to create some serious storage space. I moved in with my in-laws (that’s another subject, lol) and we have too much stuff. We have thrown away everything we could.
      I cut a hole in the 2nd floor ceiling of the split-level house and installed an attic ladder. I used twelve 4’x 8’x 1/2″ sheets of plywood to cover the floor. I have a gable roof design. I’m only looking to store books, xmas stuff and misc.

      – House is built in 1977
      – Joists are 2 x 6
      – Insulation is the blown insulation covering the 2nd floor ceiling. No insulation in rafters.
      – There are air vents in the roof.
      – Air vents (looking from outside, perforated siding) following the joists down to the bottom.

      What I have done:
      – Installed attic ladder
      – Put electricity/lights
      – Slightly packed down the insulation for the plywood would rest on joist
      – Put down Qty12 4×8 sheets of plywood, 1/2″
      – I have college books, my son’s crib (nice & new), pots, pans, dishes, glasses, xmas stuff, and plastic toys.
      – I heard bad rumors about house construction for ventilating the attic. The builder stapled cardboard between every joist near the bottom of the joist’s where the perforated air vents to the outside are. Then insulation was blown to cover the attic. This insulation went down between the joists packing up against the cardboard. I pulled back the insulation and punched out the cardboard to make room for airflow.

      1. Should I have punched out the cardboard for ventilation? The roofing plywood looks like it is starting to turn black. Though it looks good for the almost 30 years.
      2. Do I need more ventilation?
      3. I don’t seem to comply with the recommended 2×8 joist when I only have 2×6. I’m not looking to store anything other than boxes.
      4. What type of items should I not store?
      5. Mainly wondering if I made the situation worse or better and if there are other things I should do.

      Thanks a bunch,


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      I think you are ok, but I would put the books as far toward the outside walls as practical. Maybe wrap those boxes in plastic on a hot dry day.

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      doug seibert

      OOOPS……..The cardboard WAS a vital element in the ventilation of the attic space……..

      It allows the free airmovement from the eave vents to the ridge vents (you do have ridge vents also?) …….The chutes prevent the blow-in insulation from blocking the airflow…..

      Books are about the heaviest items to store…….

      And the blackened roof deck is an indication of a ventilation problem……..

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