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      We have a problem with an arched Anderson Window that leaks and has caused damage in our home. We tried to contact Anderson Windows (which is next to impossible)and finally after weeks of complaining we convinced the retailer, where we purchased the windows, to send an Anderson Representative to repair the window. The repair lasted for about a year, then it began to leak again. We have already replaced dry wall, insulation and repainted. (Not to mention the water damage that ruined a very expensive antique breakfront.) This time I have not been able to get anyone to respond to the problem. We think that Anderson sold these windows knowing that there was a problem with this particular model. We would like for Anderson to replace the window, the drywall, insulation and repaint this time. Who can I contact. The Anderson 800 number is useless. Has anyone else had this problem? Who can I contact? I paid quite a lot of money extra to get the Anderson Brand windows and I would think that they would stand behind their products.
      Sharon Curtis

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      What have you observed that leads you to the conclusion the windows are defective rather than the installation?

      You might have better luck dealing with the person who installed the windows. Leaking is rarely caused by the window, but is usually improper installation. Flashing and the method of installation is critical. Think about it. What is more likely; that water leaks through a well built and clad window assembly, or around the assembly through improperly flashed framing and siding. Installation in brick facade (if this applies) is even more difficult. Leaking around the window is not the window manufacturer’s liability.

      The celestory windows are more difficult to install and flash. I have at least 10 of these windows throughout the house that have had no problems since 1991. By having a competent installer check the windows, you will either learn that they were installed wrong, or have an expert that can provide you with a report that the window is in fact defective.

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      Unregistered-DR. L.M. BRYSON


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      I whole heartedly agree with tomh. I have had Anderson windows, self installed, for close to twenty years with absolutely no problems. Even in driving rains! If the flashing and installation is not done properly, ANY BRAND of window has the potential to leak. Without seeing them, but from what you have said, I believe you have “faulty” installation. I would have an experienced “home inspector” examine the installation. Then document, document, document and SUE for damages in “Small Claims” court. You do not need an attorney and filing fees are generally around $25.00 to $35.00 Generally you can recover up to $5,000.00. Depending upon the state you live in.

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      I am disappointed with the poor performance (long term) of my anderson windows. The 800 number is not helpful, and the only thing covered in the bogus 20 yr warranty is spontaneous glass breakage!! NO structural integrity. My windows began to fall apart, crack, split vinyl and trim about 5 years ago. I have winged it so far with replacement “pieces” found in hardware stores that I glue myself for that do-it-yourself look. At this point, I just want to maintain function. The windows are 19 years old. I am very careful if I open an Anderson window, as it seems they cannot take normal use. I would NEVER buy them or recommend them. EVER. Mine came with my house, built by another in 1985

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      I had a home built in 2000 and went with the AW high performance double hung style (EXPENSIVE) windows throughout the home. The 1st winter (IN Ohio) when the temps dropped below 32deg we got a large amount of condensation on most of the windows. It was so bad it ran down the walls. Called AW and of course they stated the humidity level and new construction moisture was the culprit. 4 years later….problem is getting worse, even with dehumidifier running continuous, added ventilation in the attic, and 2 dry summers. The 35% humidity level they like you to acheive on there web sight is a joke!!! It’s not a’s a wood frame home with vinyl siding.
      The CHEAP replacement windows I installed in my old house never had condensation because they had a rubber seal between the panes, not a heat and COLD conducting material such that they use, I think it’s alluminum. NO HELP FROM AW WHEN CONTACTED AND WOULD NEVER RECCOMEND THESE WINDOWS TO ANYBODY!!!!!!

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