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      I am guessing it is trapped air…pipes somewhere in our downstairs bathroom vibrate a loud sound several times a day. Just started in the last month or so. ususally when upstairs water is used. we have 2 baths up and 2 down, back to back. Is that trapped air and if so how do I get it out?

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      * Shut water off to downstairs toilets
      * Does water sound go away?
      * If yes, turn the water on to one of the toilets.
      * does sound return?
      * If so, replace the water valve in that toilet.
      * Do the same test for the other toilet.
      * The rubber of plastic ring that allows water to enter the tank or shuts off the water becomes weak and reacts to changes in water pressure.
      * good luck… Adios… Jasper

      Jasper Castillo

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      erik peterson

      Loose pipes under house. Loose washer in some faucet/angle-stop. Faulty regulator on main water service. erik

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