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      The upstairs bath in my new/old house has a rather nice looking acrylic lounger style tub with shower surround but there’s a 6 inch crack in the bottom of the tub. Apparently the last owners installed it without the proper support? There is an access panel in the bedroom so I can get under the tub somewhat but there isn’t any way to ‘fix’ the crack, right? I will have to gut the entire bathroom to remove the old tub/surround and put in a new one and I’m really not thrilled with the idea. Luckily I have a full bath downstairs too, but tearing all that out is work I’d like to avoid. I’m hoping there’s some magic fix for this but I know better. Still, I thought I’d ask.

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      I went to an AUTO PART STORE. I bought an acrylic kit used for CORVETTES. Be very careful as it dries very quick. You must have proper ventilation also. I can tell you that I used it ona stall shower in an RV. It lasted for 20 years.

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      I had an acrylic shower pan with a crack that the manufactured fixed under warranty. They came in and filled the crack and recoated the entire pan so there were no issues with it blending in.

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