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      About 6 feet is cracked and 2 feet is crushed where the foundation has settled over the last 100+ years. Estimate to repair up to code? $6200 minimum.

      Parts, including the locally code approved P trap floor drain (a floor drain is required) and air admittance valve is just under $60.

      That means the plumbing company wanted about $6140 to break up 10 feet of concrete that goes from 0 to 2 inches thick. A friend of mine is bringing up an electric jack hammer to break up the concrete and a concrete saw if we need it. We shouldn’t since the concrete has already been cut out and fixed at least once. Total cost? Beer, a good steak off the grill, a hot shower, and some place to sleep for the weekend. I will owe his plumber buddy a favor or two, but that’s OK with me. I’ll wire up his Hi-Def TV or put outlets in his garage or something to pay back the loan of the saw and jackhammer.

      For $6140 I think I can buy an entire cow, a truck full of beer, and still afford silk sheets on the guest bed!

      Again, it pays to check the local codes and know EXACTLY what is required and then start asking friends and family and anyone else you can think of for help. I’ve helped this guy move about 4 times, wired his garage, and supplied a lot of computer time. Helping me with the sewer line will even the books. For the moment.

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      doug seibert

      You keep mentioning the failed foundation

      Do you have to dig on the OTHER side of the foundation wall to repair/connect the pipe ? The deep outside side ?

      “……measure Once…..cut Twice….
      throw that one away and cut a new one….”

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      Just goes to prove that every once in a while something goes right…well at least better than first thought..with these old houses!

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