First, thanks so much for your response to my questions about t-111.
Second, the style of construction is white textured stucco on wood frame with brick work going half way up the front street facing walls only, and light brown trim overall. Roof is an A-frame with high ceilings(15′ indoor center). Dark brown shingles.
The patio roof will be attached across the base of the roof A-frame rafters, 27′ long, one half of the rear house wall, with a pool and cool deck, the rest.
The new patio roof will almost be flat, slightly slanted 12′ away from the rear wall, and resting on two large wooden posts. We have asked for two ceiling fan electrical boxes and two gfi boxes.
The floor is of pavers, 16′ out and 54′ across the rear wall of the house. Half of the 54′ will butt against tan concrete cool deck, and the remainder, grass. Also, part of this project will include a pool fence replacement (old fence rusted, new fence Aluminum?). Sunlight and 120 degree HEAT are big factors, too, in Arizona.
I hope this sets the scene for you. Please let me know if I have missed ANY questions to ask my builder.
Thank you,
David Stermon