Your question is interesting since you should have scuffed between the coats of polyshade and the coats of poly.

The fact that you are asking this question leads me to believe you didn’t scuff between coats.

What that means is that there is only a chemical bond between the coats. Scuffing between coats gives micro scratches for a physical bond as well as a chemical bond between coats. Not scuffing is kinda like painting on glass. Sooner or later it will peel.

If you want to go ahead anyway I would use a palm sander with a 150 grit sandpaper. Don’t try to do it all at once or your arms will fall off. Do a section, take a break, do another section, take a break.

As for getting in the beads you can use the used paper and fold it over a piece of base shoe or a short plastic ruler and use it as a sanding block.


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