The official start of spring is only about a week away and, as the warmer weather approaches, gardening guru Jeffrey Restuccio (recently featured in Health News Digest,) has some useful tips. His latest book, Get Fit through Gardening, includes gardening tips that also contribute to our fitness and health. Restuccio says that gardening isn’t just about planting seeds and watering the soil; it’s also about moving your body and boosting your well-being. To do it right, he offers some tips:

1) Make sure to stretch before and after you bend down to pull those weeds or rake that hoe. “Your body will thank you.”

2) Give your gardening routine some variety while balancing out where to give your body a workout by mixing your gardening chores every three to five minutes. “Don’t hoe or rake for hours on end.”

3) It’s in the legs: Protect your back by bending from the knees and keeping your back straight when you squat. That way, you won’t wake up sore the next day.

4) Make sure to adjust your garden tools’ lengths to fit your height, which will save your body from stooping and strain.

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