Let’s call the whole thing off. The ninety-decibel, seventeen-year reunion with the Midwest Cicada is about to begin. They call this brood 13, and it happens to be the lucky number for those states around Illinois. While mainly harmless, they can damage or kill small or distressed trees and shrubs when the females rip a hole in the bark and implant their eggs. If one suspects their plants may be susceptible a light cloth covering of tulle will be all the shield needed. Can they be harmful to humans? Well, with some areas experiencing 1.5 million cicadas per acre, riding a bike through the forest preserves can be downright treacherous as these slow clumsy invaders get out of the way for no one. They will ruin picnics and parties, and lay siege to car grills and front bumpers, so buy the multi-pass at your local carwash. Some culinary clubs are planning to eat them, but unless one is deep fried in beer batter and catapulted into my mouth from afar these things are getting no where near my gullet.

Credit: CBS News

Cicada Mania