If you live in a windstorm-prone area, you should find out if your home’s attic contains shiners— and I don’t mean the frisky baitfish used to catch large-mouth bass. In homebuilding, shiner is a term used for exposed nails along the wood structure of the roof. If you have them, chances are the roof above them is improperly attached. How do you find shiners? If you have safe attic access, use a flashlight to look along the framing members in your attic. If you see shiny objects along the edges of the framing members, you’ve got shiners. That’s bad news because the nails should be hidden inside the wood supports of the roof. If they are exposed, it may mean that your roof is more likely to come off in high winds. The good news is that a roof with shiners can be strengthened—so check for them now before it’s too late. What if you don’t live in an area prone to high winds? Homes nationwide are vulnerable to windstorms, whether from hurricanes, Nor’easters, straight-line winds, downslope winds, or tornadoes. Don’t assume that because you don’t live on the coast your home is immune from windstorms or shiners. Do a quick check now to avoid damage later.

Credit: 7 Steps to a Wind-Resistant Home

Do-It-Yourself Home Wind Inspection