One thing the world knows about Americans is that we love enormous things. From supersized meals and drinks to houses that can double as airplane hangars, we like all things big. And now, shipping in time for Christmas 2006, Panasonic brings us to the logical conclusion of the TV screen-size race—the world’s largest TV screen at 103 inches diagonal. According to my high school trigonometry math skills, that’s approximately five feet tall by seven feet wide. To top it off—it’s plasma and comes with a three-year in-home guarantee. Excited? Now brace yourself for the price tag—$69,999.95 (not a typo). Of course I’m sure the price will be reduced during the post-Christmas sales. Considering how fast technology develops, in a couple years this size option will be considered the base model. You won’t even remember when it was considered large. Although any bigger and we’re going to have to call it what it is, a movie theater.

Panasonic Press Release