I have a confession to make—I am the most inept home repair person in the world. My wife laughs at my attempts at fixing things before pushing me aside and fixing it herself. This might seem odd given that I work for a man who’s name is synonomous with home improvement. To the contrary, it gives me a unique perspective on what is really easy. If I can figure it out, I know anyone can. And this is the reason I like the NoStud system so much. Capable of hanging objects as heavy as 200 pounds, it is billed as the “World’s Strongest Picture Hanger.” It is also labelled as “earthquake tested.” I’m glad I wasn’t there for that test. It’s bad enough to be in an earthquake even without all your pictures falling to the floor. The NoStud system is so easy to understand that even a dolt like myself can tackle it. Make a small hole, insert the hanger, insert three nails and you’re done. You don’t even need power tools. It’s available at most retail outlets for around $3.50.

No Stud