The numbers are staggering—one table saw injury in the U.S. every nine minutes, over 60,000 injuries a year for $2 billion in related costs. One out of every 100 table saws will be involved in a serious accident each year. Everyone, from the unfortunate worker to the manager on the floor, wants to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace. Enter a product which made me stop and say, “Wow.” Presenting the world’s safest table saw, the Saw Stop. The demostration video (excerpts on the left) has to be seen to be believed—everyone here in the office watched it in awe. The Saw Stop blade uses an electronic sensor to detect when it hits skin. When it does, a brake discharges, stopping and retracting the blade in less than 5/1000th of a second(!), faster than an air bag in your car. The worker comes away with a small nick in his finger and the brake can be replaced in less than five minutes. Replace the saw blade and you are back in business. This device is so amazing I bet it becomes the standard system in everyone’s workplace in a couple of years.

Saw Stop