Paint colors come and go, that’s a fact. My problem is that I seem to be a year behind when I finally get around to changing my color scheme. It’s just so daunting to pick accent colors, ceiling tones, shades and hues that work together. Frankly, sometimes I just bail. So, I appreciate the Color Trends series that Sherwin Williams has created. Using a unifying theme like urban chic (Park Avenue), the outdoors (Natural Living), or getaways (Relaxed Retreat or Great Escape), Sherwin Williams has created palettes of colors that work together. The feel is contemporary and the the looks are complete so that you can have a sense of how to apply the color. If you visit the website, you can even paint an on-screen room to see how you like the colors. Great idea. I know it will help my projects move forward more quickly and maybe help me to decorate within the trend not after it!

Sherwin Williams Color Trends 2006