Wolverine, the famous American shoe company, is legendary for its tough boots. One characteristic that truly sets the boots apart is their comfort. Cushions offer shock protection, and the fabric is soft and not rigid. They also offer a wide variety of boots and shoes, including steel toes and soft toes, hiking and hunting boots, casual shoes and even apparel.

What I like about the company and their products best, however, is that they haven’t forgotten about us: the women! Some of the words Wolverine uses to describe their boots, such as “rugged” and “relentless by nature,” describe some of the most capable DIY women I know, and Wolverine didn’t neglect designing for us in their product line. I am certainly “relentless by nature,” and I love my Wolverine boots. I have the steel-toe and soft toe boots, and they are some of the most comfortable and, dare I say, fashionable boots I’ve ever owned. And I don’t mind feeling and looking a little more “rugged” when I wear them! They have certainly come in handy lately with all the yard cleanup the sudden arrival of fall brought to New England.

While you’re browsing the Wolverine site, don’t forget to enter a couple of great contests. To celebrate their 125th anniversary this year, Wolverine is giving away a total of $50,000 in cash prizes and gifts. The grand prize winner will take home $25,000, two first prize winners will receive $12,500 each and other lucky winners will receive a Panasonic 50″ HDTV and a Garmin GPS unit. Enter soon, though, because the contest ends November 29, 2008. Submit your entry form at the contest Web site here. Wolverine also has an ongoing monthly contest giving away a pair of boots to the best story submission. Click here to submit the story of “who you are, what you like to do and why you are relentless by nature.”