A recent study from Philips and the University of Mississippi on classroom lighting indicated that with an improved and dynamic lighting setting the performance of grade schoolers can improve by up to 33 percent.

The experiment was conducted across four grade 3 classrooms in the Saltillo Elementary School in Saltillo, Mississippi. The 84 students who participated in the study were randomly assigned to two different lighting settings throughout the school year. The students who were exposed to higher light intensity and light temperatures increased their reading comprehension by 33 percent.

Philips used their “SchoolVision” system in the study, which adjusts color and light temperatures to mimic daylight and to influence student mood. The system featured four preset lighting systems, which a teacher could adjust depending on the activity and the time of day. They could choose from Normal, Energy, Calm and Focus.

What does the study mean for homeowners? Well, it should definitely impact how we light our homes for our kids, particularly when it’s homework time. But it underscores the importance that lighting can play on our mood, ability to focus, energy levels and any number of additional behaviors.

How have you used lighting to improve life in the home in some way?

Philips Lighting Study