As you’re putting out the pumpkins and cornstalks, raking leaves and stowing the mower, it’s a great idea to put your flower beds, trees and lawn to bed for the winter. When it comes to lawn and leaves, think mulching. If you can mow while the dry leaves are on the lawn, cut off the top 1/3 of the grass blades while mulching the leaves on top. Leave the mulched cuttings to nourish the grass. If you have not done so, consider aerating your lawn. I love the spiked soles you can strap on to aerate the lawn. Just march across the lawn to open those roots to nutrients and air. It’s a great workout, too. Your garden can make use of the leaves, too. They provide mulch for the lawn and protective cover for our gardens throughout the winter. Just heap leaves around plants and tree bases to keep them warm and nourished. However, make sure to remove them early in the spring so that they won’t cause rot when new plants pop their heads out of the soil. Bare spots? Fall is the perfect time to spread grass seed. Just remember that fall grass needs water, too. Cover your grass seed with hay to keep the warmth and moisture in, then water regularly. Hard work now means a happy yard next spring.

Lawn Aerating Shoes