Home products are not usually at the center of conspiracy theories. I, however, cannot help but connect the dots on what is fast becoming the picture of a widespread plan to reduce our population by proliferating hazardous window blinds and shades into households across America.

This week, not one, not two, but three US Consumer Product Safety Commission product recalls saw hundreds of thousands of blinds and shades recalled due to high risk (and a few incidents) of strangulation and choking.

First was the recall for repair of the IKEA roller blinds. Over 500,000 units have been recalled due to a strangulation risk if a certain provided tension device was not properly installed and attached to the bead chain.

Then there were the faux suede roman shades by Whole Space, which are sold exclusively by Hanover Direct/Domestications. 90,000 of these units were called back, and this due to a 2-year-old boy from Delaware whose neck was entangled in the inner cords of the shades. Thankfully he escaped with only red marks.

Finally, another set of roman shades — these by Louis Hornick & Co and sold exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond — were recalled, again due to strangulation concerns. 364,000 units have been taken back, with two reports of entangled children prompting this recall.

Thankfully there has been no loss of life due to any of these flawed products. It’s definitely a victory in the consumers’ — and the US CPSC’s — war against these insidious trojan horses that lurk unsuspectingly around our homes’ windows.

Did you have to send a set of shades or blinds back due to the recalls?

Credit: US Consumer Product Safety ComMission