I’ve definitely been in the rental rat race before. You’re looking to move, a great property comes up for rent and the next thing you know there are 20 parties just as interested as you. It’s competitive, and competition is stressful.

To give potential renters the edge in the race for a property, Esq. Apps recently released the ZipCastle app, a $.99 download that enables users to create professional-looking applications that can be quickly emailed to landlords or property managers.

According to the company, the app lets you include background details and all the info needed for a landlord to complete a credit check.

I certainly get the problem (how to be at the top of the pile), but I guess I don’t see how the ZipCastle app helps. Can’t you just have a Word document filled out ahead of time to give to landlords? I’m not seeing cutting-edge features that really pop in this app.

I think I’ll pass.

Esq. Apps