This is certainly a new one. BISSELL Homecare, Inc. just launched its White Sock Test to interest people in finding out just how clean (or dirty) their carpet truly is.

To enter, put on a clean, damp white sock and do a little dance and twist in a high-traffic, carpeted area of your home for 30 seconds. Take a photo of the bottom of your sock and upload it to to be randomly entered for a chance to win a $15,000 home makeover.

Daily visitors to the BISSELL Facebook page can look for chances at instant-win prizes like the BISSELL ProHeat2X, discounts on purchases and $25 Visa gift cards.

The point of all this? To teach us that our carpets need more than a once-over with an aging vacuum cleaner sporting worn-out bristles.

And to gross out the world with image after image of soiled socks. My guess is the winner will be a dog owner. My socks never recover from an encounter with a dog-bearing carpet.

Good luck to all entrants! May the dirtiest sock win!

BISSELL Homecare