I am a huge fan of responsible waste management. I think U.S. households produce entirely too much garbage and take little or no responsibility for it. As you can imagine, I’m a huge supporter of recycling—it forces people to come face to face with their consumption and take some ownership. But, what happens to that recycling once it reaches the curb? In states where recycling is mandated or even encouraged, haulers provide bins for and set prices based on recycling material. Neighbors diligently sort and strip materials before putting them out to be taken. So is it that I follow trucks with all of the recycled materials mixed in with the garbage? When I call their offices, they insist they recycle and include an added fee for recycling in the weekly hauling charge. After all, there is an added fee for recycling at the dump. Well, I’ve decided it’s a racket and a criminal one at that! I think municipalities should insist on recycling and monitor haulers to see if they comply. Heck, our town makes plenty of money giving tickets to speeders, why not earn a little something for checking on the trash haulers? I’m steamed about this. Let me know what goes on in your town.