I like to think that I put a lot of research into my purchases. Just ask my builders—they’ll tell you that I have more questions and more information than they think a homeowner should have! So, no surprise that I carefully reviewed all of the features of my new tub before I ordered it. Yes, I’m demanding—I wanted it as deep as possible, soaking only, high-placed drain, gel-coated fiberglass. Naturally I verified that we had a water tank large enough to fill it, or nearly. My tub takes 46 gallons of hot water to the overflow and my tank holds 40 gallons of hot water. Out of luck for the last six gallons, I figured. Well, didn’t I get used!?!? It turns out that a 40 gallon tank won’t let you have 40 gallons of hot water. The minute it starts to deplete beyond the halfway mark, it refills with cold water. Result: I only get 20 gallons of hot water before my tub runs cold. Arrgghhh—does every purchase and decision in a homebuilding project lead to yet another purchase? Apparently so. Oh, and did I mention that my tub is leaking? Well, at least I’ll get a new ceiling in the laundry room… and an 80 gallon hot water tank!