With the economy reeling, many homeowners are buckling down and deciding what projects need to be done and which can wait. HomeBuildingNet.com has a good outline of things that need to be done above all else. According to the list, the big five things are:

  1. Water problems – Water leakage of any kind can cause massive problems down the road.
  2. Septic Tank/Sewage System – Problems with a septic tank are not only destructive but pose a serious health risk to your family as well.
  3. Mold – Mold can ruin the air quality within your home. To get rid of mold, read our article on how to remove mold.
  4. Electrical wiring – Faulty wiring is a serious fire hazard. Be sure to hire a licensed electrician when addressing this issue.
  5. Smoke detectors – All smoke detectors should be functioning properly at all times.

    Credit: HomeBuildingNet.com article