Cutting down on your heating bill has two positive effects: it saves you money and it’s good for the environment. And it’s not as though you have to take drastic steps to cut down on the bill, either. There are plenty of cheap, easy ways to make your house warmer in the winter without cranking up the thermostat.

One of those ways is putting weatherstripping around your doors and windows to keep drafts out of your home. Our video gives tips on how to locate drafts and describes different kinds of weatherstripping, including peel and stick; adjustable threshold weatherstrips, which are made of rubber or brush sweeps; temporary, non-stick weather seals; and aerosol cans of clear sealant. It also describes places to look for drafts — although you probably know that drafts come in under doors and windows, you might be surprised to learn about the other places they can sneak in.

Thinking of putting off the weatherstripping to a later weekend? You might want to get on it sooner rather than later. First of all, once the temperatures drop, you’re not going to want to stand in front of an open window and door for the amount of time it takes to install weatherstripping. Second of all, peel and stick weatherstripping requires temperatures of more than 50 degrees to install. So take an afternoon this weekend to seal your house against the winter winds. You’ll be glad you did come January.