It’s time to remove your screen windows and doors and replace them with storm windows for the chilly winter months. But before you tuck your screens in your garage or attic to hibernate until next spring, take a look to see if any of them are ripped or damaged. If they are, you may want to take an afternoon this weekend to repair them so that they’re all set for reinstallation next April.

This article and video will tell you how to repair a small rip, repair a larger rip, replace a whole screen in a metal frame, and replace a whole screen in a wooden frame. None of these processes are too difficult or require particularly esoteric tools: depending on what kind of repair you’re doing, you’ll need replacement screen, a screwdriver, cement, a C-clamp, and a sewing needle with fishing line. So take some time to repair your screens before putting them away — you’ll be glad you did come next spring.

How To Repair Window Screens