I’ve only seen ads for that new Animal Planet show, “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.” That’s about all I needed. A man with 30 cats? Who do these people think they are? Pharaohs? I just don’t know how you’d live in that environment.

For those cat collectors who struggle to find balance in the home with fifty felines laying claim to the castle, I suggest visiting the newly launched Tidy Cats website, which seems as much a riposte to Animal Planet’s show as it is a resource for those who might appear on the show. There are products to buy, of course, but there’s also a decent article section that answers frequent cat questions. Do your cats have the blues? Here’s the cure.

I don’t see a lot on the site to help the 30+ cat home, maybe because there’s just no “book” on living that way. Got more than 10 cats? You’re on your own. Best of luck with that.

Are you a cat owner? What do you think of the Tidy Cats website?

Tidy Cats