Too soon to talk grilling? Not if you’re Weber.

They’ve unveiled their latest in outdoor cooking, the “Grill Center.”

Essentially an elongated, stainless steel, “L” shaped grill, the Weber Summit Grill Center with Social Area includes cabinetry for cookware storage and trash and ice bins and an extra large serving area with a condiment rail. It’s the grill and countertop in one, without the building permit, contractors and installation.

This is not an add-on for the penny-pinching recent graduate, however. At $4,499 the Grill Center is out to undercut the more “traditional” outdoor kitchen space, which can set you back $20-50K.

Unfortunately I’m not in the market. But I like the concept and I’m sure Weber will have a few takers.

And now I’ll go stare longingly at my own snow-covered grill.