At long last, the entire building industry admits that the exterior components of a house constitute a whole. There’s no longer a reason to think roof guys only care about roofs and siding guys only care about exterior sheathing and cladding. As of this spring, the Roof Consultants Institute has merged with the Building Envelope Institute to cover all issues of waterproofing and the building envelope. RCI Inc., now to be know as The Institute of Roofing, Waterproofing & Building Envelope Professionals, will expand its commitment to research and education to cover the integrated house—the roof as it is connected to the siding and sill to create a water-tight house. Hey, isn’t this what best practices advocates have been wanting for years? Now when you hire a builder, roofer, or siding contractor, you can ask whether they are affiliated with the RCI. It’s a question worth asking because as the old song goes: The membrane’s connected to the roof deck, the roof deck’s connected to the sheathing, the sheathing is covered with the house wrap… You get my drift!