Feeling the mood of the dreary, wet spring day, I settled in last night to watch a streamed Netflix movie. Although there were no shortage of dramas, action flicks and horrors I found myself selecting “Blue Gold: World Water Wars,” a documentary about the planet-wide dwindling of our fresh water supply.

It was a fitting selection, given this month’s Earth Day theme. It was also a frightening look at the privatization of water in countries all across the globe and the very realistic possibility of global wars being fought over fresh water.

Unsurprisingly, I found myself in a water-saving mood and thought I’d pass along some more helpful information on saving water around your home. Think of this as a follow up to our Earth Month Tip #2 on Water Conservation.

I’ve found the WaterSense website to be a great resource when it comes to water-saving tips and solutions for the home. I just found a great page on the WaterSense site that lists all the state-by-state rebates for water-efficient and water-saving products around the home. It’s well worth taking a look at.

There were a few good pieces of advice I took from the movie that I thought I’d pass along. These extend a little beyond the home and into the larger movement of water conservation, but they’re still worth considering as they will also prompt greater action in your own home. Some of the advice includes:

  • Find out what watershed you live in. You can find this out by typing in your zip code on the movie website Watershed search feature.
  • Find out who owns your water. Is it government-run or is controlled by a private company? Either way, find out if the water is being properly taken care of by checking out the Food & Water Watch resource.
  • It’s the eve of Earth Day, people. What are you doing to make a difference?

    WaterSense Rebates